The Franciscan Spirit and Life Program was developed in response to the question…

“What makes St. Francis High School different from other high schools in the area?” The answer to this question is unique for each child that attends this institution. It is the hope of the school that each students’ answer to this question will provide an avenue to connect him to our Founding Father, St. Francis of Assisi. And that through St. Francis, each student will come to a deeper understanding of the love of Christ Jesus.


Faithfulness is being loyal to God and trusting in Him always.


Hospitality is welcoming all people into our lives with kindness.


Charity is voluntarily helping anyone in need.


Goodness is the virtue that leads us to break away from our general unconcern and look at others with love.

Our Dedication to Christ Jesus

St. Francis High School is dedicated to ensuring that the values taught by St. Francis to his brothers, steeped in the virtues taught by Jesus Christ to his disciples, are incorporated in everything that we do. This dedication is upheld through the Office of Franciscan Spirit and Life. Here you will find everything spiritual that we do at St. Francis, including ministry, retreats, service to the community, outreach programs for the needy, in-class prayer resources, team service projects, and Franciscan application for all aspects of the school. It is our hope that these efforts provide a starting point for the Franciscan values that our school is built upon.

Franciscan Virtues

The Franciscan Spirit and Life Program provides several ways learn about Francis, Clare, and their followers. These include the Pilgrimage to Assisi, and the exposure to the 16 core Franciscan virtues. These virtues include: 1) Compassion 2) Prayer 3) Peace & Justice 4) Simplicity 5) Integrity 6) Humility 7) Brotherhood 8) Joy 9) Acceptance 10) Service 11) Generosity 12) Peacemaking 13) Faithfulness 14) Hospitality 15) Charity 16) Goodness. Each quarter of attendance at St. Francis High School is highlighted with the integration of one of these virtues into the curriculum of the school. For the 2015-2016 school year, St. Francis will be celebrating the following Franciscan virtues to the left:

Fr. Tony Marti, OFM Capuchin


Fr. Christopher Iwancio, OFM Capuchin

Campus Chaplain

Eric Gleason

Director of Franciscan Spirit & Life

Joe Kim

Director of Campus Ministry

Damian Duran

Christian Service Coordinator

Br. Victor Taglianetti, OFM Capuchin

Student Intern in Discernment

The LIFE Team brings everyone together, which is exactly what brothers should do.

Nico Cruz, '19

I feel that the LIFE Team provides a service to our school unlike any other. They provide an example for the rest of us to follow. I believe that they serve as the ambassadors for our school, showing the people they meet what it means to be a true Golden Knight.

Jason Suh, '20

The guys on the LIFE Team always make people feel welcome.

Giuseppe Perona, '20

Having other men around me who want to grow in their faith like I do is transformative.

Chris Perez (active LIFE member), '19