This experience allowed me to build a closer relationship with many of my classmates, and I got to learn more about Saint Francis of Assisi.

Kevin House, 19'

I felt like I had a closer bond with my brothers through the experience of this retreat.

Eoin McConville, 19'

The Freshman Retreat really allowed to learn better about who St. Francis of Assisi was. It was a super fun time.

John Gandara, 17'

The experience of the retreat was very helpful for me in expanding my relationship with God and my brothers.

Christopher Battany, 19'

I met many people in my class that I had not met or interacted with before, which strengthened my brotherhood with my brothers.

Alec Babikian, 19'


Each school year, students are required to attend a faith-building retreat experience. St. Francis’ retreat program is progressive in that it builds one on the others. With prior permission, parish retreats are acceptable to meet this requirement, however, it is recommended that students take advantage of the retreats offered internally. All of these retreats are organized and directed by a team of adults, as well as student leaders who work as peer ministers to their fellow classmates.

Freshman Retreat: Theme, “A Day with Francis”

During the students’ first year, they are immersed in the life, legacy, and tradition of St. Francis. Accordingly, their first official retreat experience familiarizes them with Francis as a person. Considering Francis started a brotherhood and was passionate about the Gospel, this retreat is a fun, high-energy day anchored by live music and guest speakers. The purpose is to enliven students with an appreciation for who St. Francis of Assisi was, along with fostering a deep sense of brotherhood among fellow classmates.

  • Retreat Date: Friday 8.25.17
  • Retreat Time: 8am – 3pm

*Students will attend their regular homerooms, then be ushered to the school gym after homeroom to begin their retreat.