I enjoyed the physical activities, which included climbing and leaping. I also enjoyed the fact that we not only strengthened our bonds of brotherhood, but we made new ones as well.

Matthew Alpuerto, 18'

This retreat taught me that I could do more than I believed I could.

Aidan Mussalli, 18'

This whole experience was great. I especially enjoyed the physical adventures done with my peers. I learned many lessons and grew closer with my brothers.

Sej Patel, 18'

This retreat taught me how to trust my peers and believe we could achieve anything.

Michael Dumansky, 18'

Sophomore retreat was a great experience full of brotherhood, bonding, faith, and just good times. Learning about fellow classmates at the cathedral was very special.

Nick Conti, 17'

I thought the games were fun and exciting, which helped me to learn to work together as a team. I would go again, if possible.

Mateo Ramirez, 18'

This retreat helped me to trust my brothers and believe in myself.

Luke Hunter, 18'


Each school year, students are required to attend a faith-building retreat experience. St. Francis’ retreat program is progressive in that it builds one on the others. With prior permission, parish retreats are acceptable to meet this requirement, however, it is recommended that students take advantage of the retreats offered internally. All of these retreats are organized and directed by a team of adults, as well as student leaders who work as peer ministers to their fellow classmates.

Sophomore Retreat: Theme, “Soar”
The sophomore retreat is a one-day retreat that challenges the students to “soar” in various aspects of their lives. Through an amazing high ropes and low ropes program, students will be encouraged to go above and beyond their own obstacles and limitations. By working with their other brothers, facing their own fears, and rising up to encounter God, students’ spirits will soar, and they will truly touch the sky.


  • Retreat Dates: Friday 10.20.17 / Friday 2.2.18 / Friday 5.4.18
  • Retreat Time: 7am – 4:30pm